Ugandan Legislators Promise to Help South Africa Flood Victims

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Ugandan MPs have decided to extend their noble course to the flood-stricken South African countries.

The 14th Interparliamentary Union Assembly has called for an emergency fund to help countries affected by Cyclone Idai.

Cyclon Idai has claimed more than 700 lives and displaced thousands of residents.

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Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe experienced a brutal disaster that has caused a lot of harm.

The legislators led by Kawempe North MP, Latif Sebaggala told the delegates at the meeting in Doha, Qatar that the affected countries need relief to recover from the disaster whose death continues to rise.

“We are happy that the Government of Netherlands has vouched for the fund and we have got so much support. The lives of people including 1.5 million children are at stake if we do not act fast,” Sebaggala said.

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The delegation also demanded that respective parliaments push for measures such as mandatory tree planting in order to reverse the dangers of climate change.

Climate change has been reported to be a challenge in many countries including the US.

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