Shock as Prostitute Rapes Gay guy ‘to show him what he’s missing in women’.

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Over the weekend, a story broke from Lapaz, about a prostitute who r*ped a gay guy just so he would know what he is missing in women as far as s*x is concerned.

Bigot is a famous place in Accra located at Lapaz where you can find prostitutes of different heights, body shapes and colour.

We were told that the victim was invited by a female friend of his for a small get together at her place. The gay guy trusting his female friend went alone to enjoy the party.

Unfortunately for him, it was an all-girls party with him alone being a guy. He found himself among 5 beautiful women in a room where doors were closed and loud music was being played.

According to an eye witness, the guy felt uncomfortable but he wanted to have some fun so he didn’t bother.

His female friend who invited him to the party left him and her 4 friends, Whiles the fun was going on, one of the girl started str*pping naked and dancing raunchy whiles the gay guy was watching.

He felt very uncomfortable until he got a kiss and it all went down. A close source to the gay guy said he has turned straight after the experience he had at the party.

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