Njambi Koikai’s life proves the meaning of her name

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Renown media personality and reggae queen, Njambi Koikai has been battling endometriosis for a long period of time. In her Instagram account, she refers to herself as Jahmby Conqueror. Looking keenly on her life, she is surely a conqueror for all the struggles that overcome.

Her medical condition cost her boyfriend. She suffers from thoracic endometriosis, a condition in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus, the endometrium, grows outside the uterus.

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She first noticed the condition when she was 13 during her menstrual circle that caused her pain. She ignored it, but it spread to her lungs, causing them to collapse every month during her periods.

Reacting to the interviewer’s question on the experience of losing partners because of painful sex,  Njambi said; “Yes, yes because the pain is so much I don’t even want to go through it. And to find somebody who understands that and someone who is willing to live with you through that pain is hard. You know having to see you go through pain every single month is crazy.”

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In her career, Njambi joined KBC as an intern in the newsroom. She auditioned for the news anchor position and she got the job in 2010. She started presenting the 9 o’clock news on KBC on Saturdays and Sundays after landing the lucrative job. Endometriosis however robbed her of her job.

She reminisced about her job as a news anchor in a post on social media. Njambi says she was dropped as an anchor because she fell sick regularly; “Hey fam…a lil tbt…upcoming tv news anchor. I have tonnes of black outfits. This is because I’ve always had a crazy flow during my period.

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In high school, I lost count of how many times my period would be dripping all the way to my legs and me fainting at the assembly.  The heavy clots during my period were also something that the doctors dismissed as normal. During my tv anchoring days, I called in sick so many times until I was dropped from the schedule.”

She also revealed that there was a time she was hosting The Trend, looking as beautiful as can be only to end up in the emergency room because of the condition. She also hosted a reggae show at Metro FM and Q FM. Unfortunately, she was fired from Q FM; “We were fired because the company was not making money. That is what we were told anyway. No one saw it coming. Personally, I was coming from a gig, went to the office and got the letter.”

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