How To Help Someone Win The Battle Of Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol addiction is no laughing matter, it’s not that Friday night binge drinking (although there are bad effects to that too) but this is a habit that has taken over the mind and body of someone.

The vivid case of alcohol addiction in the country is one being sorted out in Kiambu County under the umbrella of ‘Kaa Sober’ by the county government.

Some of the ways one should employ to help that person fighting alcohol addiction, could be your brother, mother, friend and name them,  revolves around loving them.

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Here are some of the ways you should consider:

1. Open the lines of communication

Speaking to them is the only way of passing your message, express your concerns to the person for him or her to know what drinking is causing in his body. Communication should be a continuous process until results are visible.

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2. Make the person conferrable around you

This will enable the person to share with you why he/s drinking too much without stop. If you can help the person sort out the issue which pushes him to the alcohol den, then be sure you would have killed two birds using one stone.

3. Do your homework well for you to give concrete examples

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Situations like women chopping off their husbands’ engines after failing to deliver due to alcohol should be one the concrete examples to use when dealing with an addicted ma for instance. Your example should depend on your relationship with the person.

4. Do not judge, blame the person

Alcohol addiction is like a disease unless you have suffered from it, never judge nor shame the person, keep everything under the carpet, keep the secrets.

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5. Do not drink around the person

You could be a responsible alcohol user, but avoid drinking around these people. Simply don’t abuse the gospel you are preaching to the person. Be sober when addressing them.

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