Unmasking The People & News Agencies Behind Ken Okoth’s Fake Death Parade

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Kenyans were on Tuesday taken aback by news that Kibera MP Ken Okoth was dead following his battle with Cancer.

The source of this news could however not be verified as it spread across various social media platforms like bush fire.

Well, it has now emerged that a site by the name Kwetu-fm.com is responsible for spreading fake news about the Member of Parliament, news that caused anxiety among many Kenyans that love and adore Ken Okoth.

It so looks like this site is so hell bent on “killing” Okoth as a visit to the said site will leave you in rude shock.

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On Monday saw the site publish a story that Hon. Okoth was rushed to hospital while in a critical condition. This is untrue and totally uncalled for.

One follower of Hon.Okoth shared the name of the site that published his fake death news with him on twitter. The MP only retweeted this and it remains to be seen if he will take any other course of action.

He has however been asked to sue the site for spreading false information about him.

What action should Hon. Okoth take following this fake and disturbing story?

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