Not Kalenjin Leaders! Sossion & Salat Slammed Over Meeting Raila Privately

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(ODM) party leader Raila Odinga on Monday held a private meeting with a section of leaders from the Rift Valley region at Capital Hills offices in Nairobi. 

The leaders which Raila stated wer from the Kalenjin community were led by KANU party Secretary General Nick Salat and nominated member of parliament Wilson Sossion. 

Raila Odinga took to Twittwer to notify the public about the meeting whose main agenda was critical issues facing Rift Valley residents including agriculture and drought. 

“Met leaders from the Kalenjin community with whom we discussed issues ranging from reviving agriculture, the Building Bridges Initiative, famine in parts of the Rift Valley and how to ensure that the dams whose funds have been embezzled can be set back on track,” Raila posted. 

Raila’s meeting comes at the time when the rivalry between him and the deputy president William Ruto is at climax.

A section of Kenyans replied to Raila’s post denouncing the Kalenjin leaders that held a meeting with Raila calling them Imposters who do not belong to Kalenjin Community.

Here are some of the responses

Wes‏ @wekiauto200014h14 hours agoMoreReplying to @RailaOdinga: You met with imposters…. @WilliamsRuto and his team are the only ones given mandate to do anything on behalf of kalenjin community… hope they didn’t promise you votes in 2022…….

THE DUKE OF KESSES 🎩 🎩‏ @FranklinChes116h16 hours agoMoreReplying to @RailaOdinga: Baba umecheswo..those are not kalenjin leaders…For real i come from that region…they are not even power brokers..look for Prominent farmers, businessmen power brokers etc…na our sober leaders kama Alfred keter,Kutuny, na Mishra ..hao..ndio great initiative

NDi Munjama.‏ @BishopGVN04912h12 hours agoMoreReplying to @RailaOdinga:Who is the kalenjin leader there? Age is definitely catching up with you.

Abdikarim Mohamed‏ @AbdikarimDiaby16h16 hours agoMoreReplying to @RailaOdinga:This are zombies or Dinosaurs in the political circles. None of them can alter the views of their own homesteads. You were a better leader and influential without the handshake. Bring back the Baba we knew, loved and would gladly follow and support. Waiting!

The comments kept of flowing with many people who seem to have a Kalenjin background, denying the leadership of Sossion and Salat in Kalenjinn community.

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