Going On A Safari Holiday? You Need These Items

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Tsavo National Park

Nature or jungle lovers will agree with me that, a safari holiday is just so amazing and refreshing. The breathtaking scenery, the dramatic jungle, the animals (from afar) and in some cases walking safaris, etc is just an exhilarating experience.

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Should you decide to take a break and go on a safari holiday, It’s always a good thing to pack these 10 things to make your holiday smooth.

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Light clothes

Most safaris are often in hot regions. Having light clothes even in normal temperature zones will ensure that you spend the day relaxed and take the time to enjoy the safari without any fashion restrictions or a wardrobe malfunction. However, carry one pullover as weather can be unpredictable.

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A powerful Camera 

Animals don’t behave like humans, they run away when they see human beings sometimes or try to hide. Your camera should:

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  1. e able to take pictures at a  wider angle
  2. not be disturbed by motion,
  3. take very long or rather extra long shots,
  4. generally, have a good picture quality

Because most of your targets may not be able to pose for a Kodak moment.


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Same reason as above animals don’t like interacting with human beings unless they are tamed or domesticated. You should be prepared to see them from a distance or at a distance and binoculars come in handy.

Protective gear

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These include sunhats, kimonos, sunglasses, etc. Walking safaris tend to be in open spaces usually with direct sunlight. Its always good to get protective clothing to protect yourself from the direct sunlight even after applying some creams to prevent sunburns.

Insect repellant

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No one alive can predict what will happen in the jungle. Mosquitos or other insects may prey on you. Yeah, there maybe nets provided where you sleep but these insects start parading just after dusk, and it’s almost not true to say you will be in bed by that time.

Pain Killers

Be it in pills or ointment. Why you may want to know. The simple reason is, the hot temperatures may strain your system in some cases. Walking safaris are enjoyable but they demand high fitness levels. We as human beings tend to overestimate our fitness levels. On day one you may not feel the pain or the strain come day 2 you may fail to get out of bed after a good day in a walking safari

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A map of the Safari

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If it’s downloadable online it will come in handy, in case you are lost or your guide for some reasons is unable to guide you further. If it’s not downloadable it may be good to ask for it before you leave the lodgings for the day.

Extra Cash

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To buy safari souvenirs for memories lol. In case you see some interesting souvenirs to take home.

A book

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To help you relax in between breaks. Reading and nature go well together

A wide light cloth to spread on the ground

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Usually called Maasai Shuka should you require to relax on the ground. African grounds sometimes are not very hospitable.

In conclusion, Kenya has all the ingredients for a beautiful Safari Holiday. There are many Safari Destinations in Kenya, and in case you have decided to visit any of them. Consider taking those things with you. You won’t be disappointed.

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