Duke of Kabeteshire Makes his First Public Move

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Huduma Namba registration was officially launched in Masii, Machakos County by President Uhuru Kenyatta where he castigated those opposing the Namba.

Clad in a checked shirt, red tie and black suit, it was surprising for most Kenyans for former powerful Attorney General Charles Njonjo to make his appearance at Huduma Namba Registration.

Njonjo looked healthy and energetic in his nonagenarian years. Being the only surviving member of Kenya’s first Cabinet in 1963.

Njonjo has registered for the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) number.

Njonjo registered for the number, popularly known as Huduma Namba, in his Kiambu village. The 99-year-old urged all Kenyans to embrace the number saying it will simplify the manner in which Kenyans handle their several documents.

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“It is very important for everyone to register with the Huduma Namba. It has simplified issues in terms of personal documents handling,” said Njonjo.

He challenged the young people who have many years getting services from the government not be left behind in the registration as the government will peg its services on the number.

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“Those who won’t register one day will be surprised when they will miss some services, but we shall ask them, where were you when we were registering?” the former AG said.

A section of religious leaders has reportedly been dissuading their followers from registering for the numbers claiming it is one of the registrations warned in the Bible.

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