RIP NIP: Kanye West uses Sunday Service to pay tribute to Legendary Rapper

Kanye West has become the latest of Nipsey Hussle’s peers to pay tribute to the late rapper and a week after Nip was gunned down in Los Angeles, Ye used his Sunday Service platform as a means of honoring Hussle’s memory when he used an audio snippet of Hussle speaking words of encouragement before his choir descended into an ethereal hymn.

“Just wanted to send some words of encouragement,” Nipsey can be heard saying over the speaker. “Y’all stay focused, y’all keep working hard. Believe in y’all self. Prove everybody that doubt y’all wrong. Show up every day. Stay pure. Stay motivated. Stay smart. Show love to your people.”

Law enforcement has since declared that Hussle’s shooting death was the result of a personal dispute when his killer walked up to him in front of his Marathon Clothing store. Since then, the hip-hop community has been vocal about his Nipsey’s legacy and underscoring the mission to preserve it.

Most recently, Kodak Black caused a firestorm after making the remark that he would allow Lauren London a year of grieving before shooting his shot. The comment sparked responses from the likes of T.I and The Game and even prompted a ban at Los Angeles’ Power 106 radio station.

Nipsey Hussle’s memorial service will take place on Thursday, April 11th at Los Angeles’ Staples Center.

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