Passengers Power! How Angry Commuters Disciplined a Rogue Matatu Driver in Broad Daylight

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The issue of Rogue driving by a number of Kenyan Drivers operating Public Service Vehicles has been a pain in the neck not just for the Government but also for the General Public.

Despite the fact that the Kenyan Government through the Traffic Police department have come up with strict measures to curb rogue driving, a number of Kenyan Drivers still disregard traffic rules.

Traffic Police officers have also been blamed for providing a breading ground for rogue driving leading to fatal road accidents across the Country.

Image result for passengers beating matatu driver

With this in mind, Kenyans seem to have finally learnt their lessons and have now decided to take actions into their own hands.

A Video has emerged online of angry passengers disciplining a matatu driver who they accused of overspeading.

In the Video, the passangers can be seen chasing the driver as they strive to have a piece of him.

One of the passengers, in the slightly over one-minute undated video, at one point even poses: “Tumemkataza kukimbia, anataka kutuua kwa nini?”

(Loosely translated to: “We have tried to dissuade him (driver) from speeding, why does he want to kill us?)


The video has caused excitement online with many Kenyans on Twitter commending the passengers for their stern action against the rogue duo:

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