Oscar Sudi Call’s on Kalenjin Men to Diligently Perform Their Bedroom Duties Ahead of 2030

Oscar Sudi has urged Kalenjins to emulate the Mulembe nation in reproducing children in an effort to be the majority in the country by 2030.

Sudi has blamed Kalenjin men for relaxing when it comes to bedroom affairs.

“It’s absurd that our men are slowly forgetting what the Almighty Lord commanded us to do. Procreation is a must for us to enjoy tyranny of numbers in the future elections” Sudi said.

Oscar Sudi brags of fathering 9 children with different mothers urging Rift Valley residents to emulate him.

“Our future is under siege. Kikuyus and Luhyas will laugh at us.Kalenjins are not winning anymore because of our dwindling population ” Sudi added.

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