Ladies! That Hair you are shaving is supposed to prevent you from Contracting STIs

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Let it grow, let it be wild and beautiful. Because the other option of shaving it involves some scary reasons. It reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. This is because those who have cleaned up their lady partys have these tiny wounds that are formed and are open to allow any bacteria but with some hair down there, it protects.

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There is evidence that pubic hair grooming may increase the risk of several sexually transmitted infections.It’s possible that research on this topic is confounded by overlapping behaviors.

In other words, people who groom or remove their pubic hair may simply be more sexually active than those who don’t. However, there are also several ways in which shaving or waxing pubic hair could directly increase infection risk:


Hair removal, shaving, in particular, can lead to small cuts or openings on the genital skin. This could increase susceptibility to certain infections. Waxing can also inflame hair follicles. This could potentially have the same effect.

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Disturbing bumps or sores caused by an STD could increase the spread of the infection on your own skin. It can also make it more likely to transmit to your partner.

Hair removal removes the cushioning distance between two bodies provided by pubic hair. This means that there is both more friction and more skin-to-skin contact. This could increase the risk of infections that are transmitted in that manner.

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Unhygienic hair removal techniques could directly spread infection.

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