How jumping into conclusions can ruin your relationship

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Not jumping into conclusions is a key ingredient to having a stable relationship.

As human beings, we so often jump into conclusions without realising that there may be a perfectly good explanation for what you just saw or heard.

For example, we may be quick to jump to conclusion that our neighbour or friend is corrupt simply because of their immense wealth only to discover later that probably they inherited it from their parents, or are into good business, or a relative sent them money from abroad.

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In a marriage, a wife may be angry with her husband for coming home late. She quickly jumps to the conclusion that he was with the boys again.

Or is having an affair. Imagine her shame, when after reviling and maligning him, he produces the reason for his delay—maybe he was involved in an accident, or better still passed by somewhere to get her a gift.

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A husband may on the other hand jump into the conclusion that his wife is nagging him or just calling him for no apparent reason and thus ignore her phone call only to later find out that the actual reason she was calling is because their child had hurt himself badly in school and had to be rushed to hospital.

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So often we are quick to speak and react emotionally to each other while all we could have done was to just slow down and listen to our partner without jumping into conclusions. So, how can we avoid this pitfall in our relationships?

In case of any friction with your partner, always look yourself into a mirror.

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A mirror is meant for seeing your reflection. It gives you your image, just as you are. It can’t lie no matter how much you ask it “mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all.”

We can go through life, especially our relationship with our significant other by either looking into the mirror or out of the window.

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Obviously, a window and a mirror are both made of glass, but serve different functions. The basic purpose of a window is to allow in light, but you can also use it to look outside.

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As long as two people come together, and live together, there is bound to be a lot of friction. Conflict will happen and nothing is wrong with that as long as we resolve it well.

Be open-minded having it at the back of your mind that you could be wrong.

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Suspend your judgement or the conclusions coming to your head and allow yourself to listen to the end.

Ask questions to clarify and seek to understand the reason they did what they did. That way, the two will remain one!

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So, next time you are mad with your spouse, don’t be quick to look outside the window, go and look at yourself in the mirror, what you see might just save your relationship.

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