Court to Determine Obado’s fate

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As the country continues to grapple over the legitimacy of cash bails and bond issued by the courts to corrupt officials with the mwananchi arguing that the common man is slapped too hard while the mighty are given peanuts in comparison to what they stole, Governor Okoth Obado has his own war too.

On Tuesday April 9, the court is expected to give a ruling on whether it will review bond terms for the governor.

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Governor Obado wants the court to allow him to travel within Homa Bay County. He argues that his work involves traveling and shuttling mostly from Nairobi to Migori Town where his official residence and office are situated.

He told the court that Migori is comprised of eight constituencies, most of which border Homa Bay County, hence, the restriction barring him from being within 20 kilometers of Homa Bay – Migori border means he can’t serve his constituents.

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The governor, who pleaded not guilty to the murder charges on slain Rongo University student Sharon argues that the only mode of traveling to Nairobi from Migori town without violating the 20-kilometer perimeter rule means he is forced to incur heavy costs.

Meanwhile, the governor has dropped an application that sought to have his passport released to enable him travel outside the jurisdiction for official duties.

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