AS HE SHOULD: Kodak Black issues apology over ‘insensitive’ Lauren London comments

Rapper Kodak Black aged 21 is backing down from his disrespectful comments about 34-year-old actress Lauren London.

According to Rap-Up during a live broadcast on Instagram on Saturday (April 6), the ‘Zeze’ rapper announced his plans to wait “a whole year” before pursuing Nipsey’s Hussle’s girlfriend, who is grieving the loss of the rapper.

“Lauren London dat baby though. She finna be a whole widow out here. I’ll be the best man I can be for her,” said Kodak while speaking to friends. “I’ll give her a whole year. She might need a whole year to be crying and shit for him.”

He continued, “I ain’t trying to shoot at her. I’m saying, listen. She can do two, three years. I’ll try to be like if you need a friend to holla or a shoulder to lean on. You can call my line.”

Despite some backlash, Kodak did not let up on his comments and in a later Instagram Live session, he continued to say, “Yeah, I say what I said. Hell, you expect her to be single forever? I said give her a year to breathe and cry. Hell yeah, she a bad bitch. Anyone of y’ all, if she tried to holla at anybody, y’ all ain’t finna be like, ‘No, I can’t do it because of Nipsey.’ ”

His comments, which come less than a week after Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey was shot and killed outside his clothing store in Los Angeles,  were met with outrage and backlash from the hip-hop community including T.I., who reprimanded him. “You out of pocket, fix that shit…quickly, expeditiously,” said Tip.

The Game also blasted Kodak for “disrespecting” Nipsey’s legacy. “Kodak Black and any other person disrespecting Nip’s name, his legacy, his family, keep his out your mouth,” said the Compton rapper. “Keep his girl’s name out your mouth.”

After enraging his peers and social media with his inflammatory comments, Kodak eventually issued an apology. “If I disrespected you Lauren London, in any shape or form, I’m sorry,” he said on Instagram Live. “Even though I didn’t. And rest in peace to [Nipsey].” “My bad, so don’t shoot,” he added. “If I disrespected Lauren London in any way even though I know I didn’t, my bad. My bad.”

But that hasn’t stopped the fallout. In the wake of his controversial remarks, top L.A. radio station Power 106 has vowed to no longer play Kodak’s music. “We stand with the family of Nipsey Hussle and are appalled by the disrespectful and poor comments made by Kodak Black,” said Power 106 DJ Justin Credible. “With that, Power 106 will not support Kodak Black’s music.”

Popular radio personality Big Boy also slammed Kodak for his comments, saying that the disrespect won’t be tolerated. “I’m not here for the blatant disrespect and fake ass apologies,” said the radio host. “To disrespect, the King Nipsey and the queen Lauren is where I draw the line.”

London and Hussle had been together for five years and shared a two-year-old son named Kross. Earlier in the week, the grieving actress paid tribute to her best friend. “I am completely lost,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’ve lost my best friend, my sanctuary, my protector, my soul, I’m lost without you. We are lost without you, babe. I have no words.”

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