BAD Girl Indeed! Rihanna allegedly caught smooching another girl

A British tabloid claims that they caught Rihanna cheating on her Saudi billionaire boyfriend. And the tabloid claims that Rihanna was caught creeping with a WOMAN!!

The alleged incident popped off at the exclusive London’s hot spot Chiltern Fire­house. The Sun claims that Rihanna was there partying with friends – and her boyfriend Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel was not with her.

The magazine told a story about how a rude partygoer stole food from Rihanna’s table – and had to be forced to pay to replace their oysters. Here’s what they reported:

“Rihanna went all out ordering platters and platters of oysters for her entourage. “One lad, who was drunk, bowled over to her table and pinched one, thinking it would be hilarious.  “He passed it over to one of his mates, who was oblivious it came from Rihanna’s table. “After downing it they carried on drinking only to be given a hefty telling off from one of Rihanna’s entourage, who demanded they pay £250 for a fresh platter because he had ruined theirs.“The bloke who ate the oyster had no choice but to get his credit card out.

But then the report turned to Rihanna and her female “friend”. The mag then wrote:

Rihanna — who sang about whips and chains in her 2010 hit S&M — clearly wasn’t too bothered by the Rude Boy’s behaviour as she kissed a female party-goer later.

“Is it considered cheating if your girl kisses a girl nowadays???

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