Fashion Alert!how a Kenyan wife should dress

In Nairobi ,there will always be a different way of dressing and especially for the scantly dressed ,all attention turns to her;curvy and all beautiful. The men just utter in whispers ‘’tunakula tu Kwa macho”.

The dressing definitely depends on how accommodating, crazy, conservative and daring the couple is. It should depend with the occasion. From office wear, road trips, dates, going out and many more.

Dates:Dressing for a date will mostly depend on where the date is happening. From dinners, movies, parks and house dates. We also have some ideas on this. women dressing appropriately during dates have an edge over the others.

Dressing for a date

Office wear:women dressing in the office. Most men will definitely agree that there is something special about a beautiful lady in a suit and heels.Women dressing is a factor that has a great impact on all ladies.  She is independent. The way they walk is just captivating.

Office wear

Approaching her will require some strategy, nowadays everything is just about having a strategic plan and you will be successful. Below are some office wear ideas for our ladies.

kenyan women

Club dressing:On weekends   you will definitely see more of this dressing.  This is dressing to have fun, impress and kill!

Club dressing

Road trips:This is one of the best ways to have fun with your wife/gf/ mpango wa kando. Road trips dressing will mostly depend on where you going.

Road Trips wear

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