Akothee speaks on the challenge in raising children as a single parent

Female Artist Akothee has admitted the challenges of raising children as a single mother.

The mother of 5 had a rough path but still managed to be the best mother to her children.

Akothee wass speaking in line to her new song ‘Baraka’ which is a dedication to all parents.

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Akothee says that it is an encouragement to parents and also encourage the young people to respect and appreciate parents.

She also added that most musicians sing about pain, heartbreak and other things that they do not have.

Akothee revealed that the reason why she called herself President of Single mothers is that she was bitter yet now she does not see that it is a good thing because it blocks her from experiencing the love she deserves.

The Singer says that she never wants to hear mothers complaining about pregnancy because children are a blessing.

Akothee added that a child is also a responsibility to both parties whether born in poverty or rich family and it is indeed true that nobody can fill the empty space of an absent father/mother.

She also admitted that raising children in a broken family is difficult. Akothee encouraged people to be cheerleaders to their parents.

Baraka is Akothee’s song featuring a Tanzanian artist Linex. Have a look at it.

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