The ‘Top 4’… Who finishes where?

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Will Chelsea get the much-coveted top 4 spot via the league?

So here we are, the final part of the 2018-19 Premier League season.

The endgame.

With the relegation battle more or less now over, all attention now turns to the ‘Top 6’.

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With all six clubs – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur – having six games left (Arsenal have 7, thanks for ruining the symmetry! Lol), I thought it would be a good time to check out the remaining fixtures that each club has left and make predictions on where each club will finish in the top 6 positions in the league.

More importantly… who will finish in the ‘Top 4’ and get Champions League football next season?

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As it stands (at time of writing), the current state of each club is as follows:

• Manchester City – 32 games played, 80 points
• Liverpool – 32 games played, 79 points
• Tottenham Hotspur – 32 games played, 64 points
• Arsenal – 31 games played, 63 points
• Chelsea – 32 games played, 63 points (only below due to goal difference)
• Manchester United – 32 games played, 61 points

Man City and Liverpool are involved in the title race, so they’ll easily get Champions League football next season. As for the other four clubs, saying that it’s close is an understatement. Only 3 points separate them, with some tricky matches left for all of them.

So, let’s have a go at predicting the final stretch, shall we?


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Crystal Palace (April 14th, A) – WIN
Tottenham Hotspur (April 20th, H) – WIN
Manchester United (April 24th, A) – WIN
Burnley (April 28th, A) – WIN
Leicester City (May 4th, H) – WIN
Brighton & Hove Albion (May 12th, A) – WIN


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Southampton (April 5th, A) – DRAW
Chelsea (April 14th, H) – DRAW
Cardiff City (April 21st, A) – WIN
Huddersfield Town (April 26th, A) – WIN
Newcastle United (May 5th, H) – WIN
Wolverhampton Wanderers (May 12th, H) – DRAW


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Huddersfield Town (April 13th, H) – WIN
Manchester City (April 20th, A) – LOSE
Brighton & Hove Albion (23rd April, H) – WIN
West Ham United (April 27th, A) – DRAW
Bournemouth (May 6th, A) – DRAW
Everton (May 12th, H) – DRAW


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Everton (April 7th, A) – LOSE
Watford (April 15th, A) – DRAW
Crystal Palace (April 21st, H) – WIN
Wolverhampton Wanderers (April 24th, A) – LOSE
Leicester City (April 29th, A) – DRAW
Brighton & Hove Albion (May 4th, H) – WIN
Burnley (May 12th, A) – DRAW


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West Ham United (April 8th, H) – WIN
Liverpool (April 14th, A) – DRAW
Burnley (April 22nd, H) – WIN
Manchester United (April 28th, A) – LOSE
Watford (May 4th, H) – WIN
Leicester City (May 12th, A) – WIN


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West Ham United (April 13th, H) – WIN
Everton (April 21st, A) – LOSE
Manchester City (April 24th, H) – LOSE
Chelsea (April 28th, H) – WIN
Huddersfield Town (May 5th, A) – WIN
Cardiff City (May 12th, H) – WIN

With the predictions now revealed, here’s a projected look at the final standings of the six clubs this season:

1 – Manchester City (98 points)
2 – Liverpool (91 points)
3 – Chelsea (76 points)
4 – Tottenham Hotspur (73 points)
5 – Manchester United (73 points)
6 – Arsenal (72 points)

Manchester City are the 2018-19 Premier League champions and Chelsea makes it into the top 4!

Let’s just hope this turns into reality. Fingers crossed.

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