The strategy Ruto used to knock Raila down

David Ochieng

The handshake did not heal the sharp difference between Deputy President William Ruto and ODM Leader Raila Odinga.

As Raila mourns the loss of Ugenya by-election, Ruto is celebrating the win.

The Deputy President William Ruto is now trending online thanks to the political mileage given to him during the recently concluded by-elections.

The ODM candidate Chris Karan lost to Movement for Democracy and Growth party candidate David Ochieng.

Raila’s party had campaigned against Mr Ochieng, associating him with Dr Ruto who was believed to be financing him.

Ruto, on the other hand, made a strategic silence during the campaigns, only working behind the curtain for fear of spoiling Ochieng’s chances of winning.

Strategic Ruto on his twitter handle spoke after the tallying was concluded and Mr Ochieng announced the winner.

Kenyans on Twitter made #AsanteRuto the top trend on Saturday morning “congratulating the deputy president for winning the Ugenya by-election.”

Dr Ruto became a constant subject in the campaign trail despite his Jubilee Party not fielding candidates in both Ugenya and Embakasi South, with ODM leaders accusing him of supporting their opponents.

The deputy president did not expressly support to any of the two candidates, but ODM party in its campaigns kept pushing the narrative that their opponents were Dr Ruto’s projects.

The narrative has now birthed the #AsanteRuto trend as users congratulated the DP.

Jim Kitch wrote; “Ugenya Perspective. Karan(Loser)- Entire ODM brigade went to campaign for him. Main agenda in rallies was Ruto. Ochieng(Champion)- He only had God on his side #AsanteRuto.”

Tormarcs Nyambayi tweeted; “This should be a warning sign to all politicians… in Kenya  More action less talking. No party. No person. Will influence Kenyans without tangible development. #AsanteRuto.”

Carson Tuwei stated; “Bring on a by-election in Malindi muaibishwe tena. #AsanteRuto.”

Dismas Kogo wrote; “No one can stop an idea whose time has come. #AsanteRuto. You didn’t go to grassroots to campaign for them like your enemies did. But your friends David Ochieng & Julius Mawathe won by far!”

The Mnur Feruz tweeted; “This the reason why Sumra lost #EmbakasiSouth by-election…His agenda was only one thing to ouster Ruto…#AsanteRuto.”

Farri Abdi stated; “ODM dragged Ruto’s name into these by elections. Well, it’s only fair that Ruto’s name is dragged into the results. Ruto won or rather Ruto’s projects won…#AsanteRuto.”

What do you think about the ODM’s loss?

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