Know your weed!!! Why weed is not your average drug.

When I was in college, everyone really liked Weeds or rather weed. It had just come out and it was kind of ground breaking — a suburban widow, complete with perfectly imperfect hair and a seemingly endless closet full of Going Out tops, driving a Range Rover and selling pot.

Whenever someone in class talked about it, I rolled my eyes.

I knew exactly how much money you could make selling weed because I had been doing it-not selling, buying. And, frankly, it wasn’t a lot. But, hoo boy, was it a lot of trouble.

Marijuana is getting stronger. It has become increasingly popular since open drug use crashed through cultural and moral barriers in the 1960s. Now the youths of the ’60s are parents, grandparents, voters and politicians.

Today, youths and even adults say that marijuana is basically harmless—if not glamorous, like it is portrayed in entertainment—or even medically beneficial. Attitudes have become so relaxed that individuals and celebrities in the world are campaigning and lobbying to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

We are watching marijuana change from a counter culture banned substance into a mainstream recreational aid. One of weed’s active ingredients, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, interacts with the brain’s reward system, the part primed to respond to things that make us feel good, like eating and sex.

When overexcited by drugs, the reward system creates feelings of euphoria. This is also why some studies have suggested that excessive marijuana use can be a problem for some people the more often you trigger that euphoria, the less you may feel during other rewarding experiences.

Despite that, a growing body of research and numerous anecdotal reports link cannabis with several health benefits, including pain relief and the potential to help with certain forms of epilepsy. 

Can trigger heart attacks

Within a few minutes of inhaling marijuana, your heart rate can increase by between 20 and 50 beats a minute. This can last anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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The NASEM report found insufficient evidence to support or refute the idea that cannabis might increase the overall risk of a heart attack. The same report, however, also found some limited evidence that smoking could be a trigger for a heart attack.

Sense of balance

Marijuana may throw off your balance, as it influences activity in the cerebellum and basal ganglia, two brain areas that help regulate balance, coordination, reaction time, and posture.

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