Chinese company donates alcohol & Foodstuffs In Baringo(Photos)

Chinese company donates alcohol to hunger-hit Baringo residents, – PHOTOS

It is in Chinese culture to begin a deal with alcohol. In fact, the Chinese have a saying that goes by, “No deal without alcohol”. It is difficult to attend a Chinese business meeting involving a deal and miss a wine/or alcohol toss.

Well, wow! It seems that they follow their culture with them wherever they go. They just did it in Baringo!

Chinese opening cans of alcohol in baringo

A Chinese company shocked a section of Baringo residents on Friday when it donated over 20 cartons of alcohol to Tiaty inhabitants, who are grappling with famine and severe hunger. Each carton contained 2 dozens of 500ml cans of liquor.

Besides the alcohol, Chuanshan International Mining Company also donated food to the residents. The firm is set to begin mining diatomite at Katikit area in Tiaty, and thus there was a deal to be sealed with some alcohol toss!

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Three hundred 90kg bags of maize and twenty 10 liter containers of cooking oil were among the goods donated by Chuanshan firm.

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The donation was done in a chaotic manner as the firm left residents to scramble for whatever foodstuff or drink they could land their hands on.

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Some residents fought, leaving the physically strong to walk or ride home with a huge chunk of the donation. Motorcycles, muscles were all employed to ferry home the loot.

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Chuanshan firm director, Han Ke, said he thought it would be “prudent” to donate alcohol because people from the Pokot community “love drinking alcohol”. Mr. Ke further said the firm wanted “simplify life” for Baringo residents.

This is the first time in the history of the area that donors took alcohol to residents.

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