Here are the richest Kenyan Musicians in 2019

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Willy Paul

In Kenya, being a celebrity is one thing, and being rich is another. We have broke celebrities out here,  too bad. But we also have rich celebrities. Celebrities who know where to reap from, where to invest and how to spend the huge amount of money in their bank accounts wisely.

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Kenya And Their Net Worth

Redsan is another Kenyan artiste who has gone international and succeeded. After signing with Sony Global, Redsan has done many international performances and tours befitting his status as one of the best dance-hall artistes in Kenya.


STL, is one of the few Kenyan musicians to have gone international and become hugely successful. Apart from owning her own fashion line, the Norway-based musician has signed several deals with different companies across the globe.


Last year she signed a commercial deal with international brand Tommy Hilfiger. Her song “Get Up” and Go was picked as the theme song for the international fashion Brand Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion shows for an entire year.

Tommy Hilfiger had previously used the same soundtrack for a different event in during the London Fashion Week.

After Jaguar making his music debut more than a decade ago, the kigeugeu hitmaker has grown to become one of the richest musicians in Kenya. Jaguar has won multiple music awards and is one of the few Kenyan artistes to have released hit after hit for more than a decade. Currently he represents Starehe constituents in Parliament.

Jaguar is a renowned artiste cum entrepreneur, and has invested in transport industry, real estates, construction industry, motor industry and the music industry. He owns a security firm, taxi firm, an auto garage and Air Jaguar, an aviation company based in Wilson Airport, all of which ensure money keeps flowing in for the talented artiste.


The Sauti Sol band has been in the music industry for more than a decade, and has won several local and international awards including BET Awards 2015, Kisima Awards, MTV Europe Music Award and Channel O Music Awards.

Sauti Sol rank among the richest musicians in Kenya. The band has received multiple brand endorsements from the likes of Coca-Cola (Coke Studio Africa) and Safaricom. They have also signed multi-million partnership deals with East Africa Breweries to endorse Chrome Vodka.

Sauti Sol

Kevin Mbuvi, better known as Bahati, became an instant sensation back in 2012. Having risen from a humble background, including being admitted to an orphanage, Bahati understands what it seems to have nothing. He now has millions in in bank account, as he performs in major corporate events where they pay handsomely.


Willy Paul is another gospel artiste who has made it big in the entertainment industry. The 2013 Grove Awards winner has released several hits since his debut, and has performed both locally and internationally.

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Willy Paul

The artiste has also signed endorsement deals just like his fierce rival Bahati. A few years ago Willy Paul landed an endorsement deal with Safari Pure Water as their official brand ambassador. He has also collaborated with big name musicians, including Gloria Muliro, Size 8 and Alaine.

Willy Paul

Herbert Nakitare, better known as Nonini, is one of the richest musicians in Kenya. Having rose to fame with his song Wee Kamu, Nonini started a music genre alongside Jua Cali called Genge. He was once a radio host, and currently runs ProHabo Entertainment.


The godfather of Genge even introduced the infamous P-Unit, which has produced multiple hits over the years. Nonini owns several businesses and is to a large extent a philanthropist.

Linet Masiro Munyali,Size 8 started off as a secular artist before switching her allegiance to gospel music. No one ever thought that the bubbly Size 8 would rise up the ladder to become one of the top earners in the music industry, leave alone making the elite list of richest musicians in Kenya.

Size 8

Khaligraph Jones is one of the few Kenyan musicians making quite a paycheck at the moment. Identified as one of the richest musicians in Kenya 2018, KJ claims to be a businessman. He’s known for his expensive lifestyle that gives his fans a rough idea about how loaded he is.

Khaligraph Jones

He owns a Range Rover Sport and a recording studio. He recently landed a one-year endorsement deal with winemaker Luc Belaire. I bet that comes with a heavy paycheck.

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