Fake it till you make it, photoshop fails

You think it is time to give up? Nooooo, don’t give up yet. Usikufe moyo..


Even me here, I haven’t given up. Sometimes I also write things that I think are too funny but you people refuse to give me likes..but isorait,, gutire undu (It is okey). I have made a collection of people who never gave up…They tried all the means possible to achieve the desired results.

Some trials ended up to be the worst photoshop fails ever

Here is Raju Rastogi, He wanted to hold the sun so that he decide when we remove our coats but he didn’t manage.

He missed yes but we refuse to let him go just like that..We give him the sun so that he decides when we take shade and when to wash our clothes.

And finally, he gets it. Raju Rastogi now controls the sun, he says when we get heat and when we get darkness. From the Opera News humor desk, well done Raju..👍👍👏

An underwear company was looking for a model to pose with their new brand. And this is what they got.

For me, I think it is also good to recognize those born with a tail, or what do you think?

These models here, one looks like she has two right feet.

You know what? women are always right.

You heard of that Saudi Prince who has cheetahs in his palace? We found his African brother.

He has not tamed a cheetah, he went ahead to pet a tiger.

A Chinese company was modelling a girl for some project and this is what they got..

Ama hii ndiyo inaitwa; naenda, siendi. I am going, I am not going.

Then we have an expert in photoshop. He receives project from everywhere and he charges nothing. So, a client wanted something to be fixed. The client wanted the father to look in a different direction because, in this instance, he is obviously a fisi, hyena.

James never disappoints. He turned the neck….I hope James didn’t kill the client’s father. He has twisted the neck soo baad..😥😥

As soon as he delivered the project, another clients knocks. Hi James, i need big booty, big that can slay any man.

Okey,,, I got you covered. James delivers

I am 27 years old and I still look like a freaking teenager. No way, I should at least be having a beard by now..James, can you make me older?

Yes, don’t worry even a bit. We can do this. Nothing signifies age better than a bald head. On top of that, you are given a classic swag. The grannies of the 80s always carried folders.

Hey James, I have a boyfriend who keeps on staring at other girls. What can we do about him?. We took nice picture but I can’t send it to my parents that way. I feel bad. please help me fix this

Hello there, I have fixed your boy friend. He has to look at you by force.

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