China Has 400 “Cancer Villages” Government admits

A Chinese villager drinks from a well on November 2, 2004 at Longshi, Chongqing, China. A group of eight cancer specialists were dispatched to the village by Chongqing municipality health authorities after 17 of the 500 villagers were diagnosed with different cancers for the last three years, and 14 of them died. The specialists, investigating the cause of the illness, are suspecting the water supplies.

China’s “growth at all costs” has resulted in overpopulation to the extent that people are forced to drink contaminated drinks which results in cancer.

China’s water pollution is visibly rampant. Investigative journalist Deng Fei recently launched a top trending campaign on Sina Weibo inviting users to upload photos of their hometown rivers.

Of course, trash is the least worrisome problem. In a survey of 40,000 chemical and petrochemical plants, (paywall), or three miles, upstream of drinking water sources, reports the South China Morning Post.

Speaking with Britain’s The Telegraph, Deng said, “If the issue [of groundwater pollution] is not properly solved, not only will it kill people but it will also drag down the entire healthcare system because of the number of cancer patients it causes.”

The government now plans to spend $850 billion to clean up its water.

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