Why Huduma number is just like Eurobond, Kimwarer and Arror Dams Scandals

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I stopped trusting Jubilee promises long time ago.. The big lie on Euro bond was enough . The lie came from Uhuru Kenyatta. It was one hell of a lie. A big lie that in other Jurisdictions could have been a ground for impeachment as a serious economic fraud. A promise was made to keep off government from domestic borrowing once it got the Euro bond and it was not kept.

Also waiting for a signal on this Huduma no. from Dr. WSR PHD. Last time he told us this katiba is bad I did not listen.

This Huduma number stories is another lie … In my view it’s just another idle way for government to appear working when it’s not.

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The lie is that Huduma number will collapse every other number that you have into one. That you’ll have just one card that will represent you everywhere with all your relevant data. I’m sceptical. My instinct tells me that on this we are being lied to. ..

If it was true then we don’t have the need of a census that has been budgeted for in August. We could have just done one count and that’s all..

If it was true this huduma number could have been a good way to clean the IEBC register.. Already funds have been set aside for another round of voter registration.

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If it was true all other cards we are using at the moment could also have been captured in the new system..

If it was true then this huduma number could have started with proper legislative framework to at the very least protect millions of sensitive data that’s going to be collected by ordinary folks who know little about data privacy and confidentiality..

I’m not saying you should not get this number, all I’m saying is that you should not raise your expectations..

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