Successful Kenyan celebrities who never went to university

Sir Richard Branson

More often than not you will hear people say that education is the key to success. As if that’s not enough, they will be more than ready to associate lack of university education with failure.

The University of Nairobi

Many have defied the odds and grown to become some of the most successful people in Kenya never to have gone to university, or if they did then they dropped out before completing.

Bonoko:Whenever you hear the lines “Huyo siyo mwizi anauza mutura pale Ngara,” only one name pops up in your mind; BONOKO. James Kang’ethe Kimani, better known as Bonoko, is a guy from a humble background. He was born in the streets and used to spend his nights in the chilly gutters under the highways.

Radio Presenter Bonoko

Prophet’ Kanyari:“Panda mbegu ya 310” was Pastor Kanyari’s favourite line during his sermons that led to him being exposed as a fake prophet extorting innocent believers. Kanyari is a Form Two dropout who used his cunning nature to dupe Kenyans into believing he could cure HIV and even find them jobs. Allegedly, he later increased the “mbegu” amount from 310 to 500. Pastor Kanyari now drives Range Rover Sport and owns a mansion in one of Nairobi’s lavish estates.

Pastor Kanyari

Mbusii:Daniel Githinji Mwangi, better known as Mbusii, is one the Kenya’s most popular radio personalities. Mbusii was born in Korogocho, went to Eastleigh Airport Primary School and later joined Maina Wanjigi High School. Although he doesn’t hold a university degree, he landed acting roles at the Kenya National Theatre before getting a slot at Ghetto Radio alongside Bonoko. Currently, Mbusii works with Radio Jambo, and is said to earn not less than Ksh600,000 a month, though not confirmed.

Radio Presenter ‘Mbusii’

Maina Kageni:Maina completed his high school education at Laiser Hill Academy and went to UK to join a college. However, he didn’t register for college but instead worked as a truck driver and fish distributor for a Chinese company. Although her mother later discovered that he never enrolled to any college and was furious with him, Maina now leads a lavish lifestyle .

Maina Kageni

Even before we focus on Kenyan celebrities who never went to college, keep in mind that the likes of Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson and Michael Dell never got a university degree yet they are billionaires.

Michael Dell

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