Moses Kuria business shut due to unpaid arrears

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria’s businesses have been shut down amid growing debt from rental arrears and withheld salaries for his employees.

Kuria is the Chairman of Emerging Capital Holdings (ECH) which runs several businesses, including Fanaka TV, and which are based at Bonfide House along Riverside lane in Nairobi.

“Some of us have not received a salary in 2019 while others received the last paycheck in January and February. Nobody seems bothered about how employees pay their rent and other bills,” the source said

The situation got worse on Thursday morning when the realtor controlling the Bonfide office block raided Kuria’s business premises and closed it down over rental arrears going back eight months.

The realtor also confiscated several television sets, computers, and other valuables on Wednesday evening.

Contacted by for a comment, Kuria said he was out of the country and would only respond once he had returned to Kenya on Friday.

The outspoken MP has in the recent past changed from an ardent supporter of President Uhuru Kenyatta, to a harsh critic.

In January, the MP caused a storm after he accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of taking Mt Kenya voters “for a ride” by overlooking them in distribution of national government projects.

Last week, the MP also accused the head of state of getting a bad deal while negotiating a trade deal with Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni.

Kuria has also announced he will be contesting the Presidency in 2022, saying he has solutions that will help the business community and put money in Kenyans’ pockets.

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