Fena-menal musician,gorgeous photos,and Dope music,This Kenyan artiste is a star!

Fena Gitu

This is a musician who has the rare ability to pull off the tomboy look and also show off some rare skin and still look extremely appealing to men, begging the question: Is she attracted to men or women?

Artiste Fena

Earlier, Fena was heavily linked to a scandalous intimate relationship with the likes of radio personality Patricia Kihoro and blogger This is Ess.

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Fans have always waited on the lovely lass to break her silence and issue her own truth on the matter but nothing is forthcoming anytime soon.

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Fena Gitu

This April She decided to do something extra ordinary and stirred up the internet.Fena Gitu shocked her fans and was there to liven it up with smashing snaps from her latest shoot.

The ‘Steam’ hitmaker, who is known for her sleek tomboyish style and sense of fashion, had everybody’s steam rising with the snaps that show her in a bikini. 

Fena Gitu posted the snaps -taken by commercial photographer Mwaniki Daudi- as she announced the renewal of her deal as one of the faces of Kenyan-owned haircare line .

The photos had social media users losing their sh** as they finally laid their eyes on a rare and delightful side of Fena.

This is her latest video that has major views

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