Failed Machines, Missing Forms: The Face Of Huduma Namba Registration Day 2

Hundreds turned away after Huduma Namba machines fail in Baringo

In Kenya, we are used to government operations facing technical glitches because the systems are not taken through thorough testing. You won’t believe if I told you that on the day 2 of Hududa Namba registration, NIIMS systems have started failing, and some counties have stopped registarion process following missing registration forms.

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We had the same problem with KIEMS Kit where so many people failed to vote for various reasons such as failed biometric reader, mismatched personal details among others.

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On Wednesday, hundreds of Baringo county residents who had turned up for Huduma Namba registration were turned away after the NIIMS system failed.

The residents from Makutano who had queued up at various stations in Koibatek sub-county were informed that the machines had failed. something that was much a disappointment bearing in mind that some had left their important duties to come for the exercise.

Hundreds turned away after Huduma Namba machines fail in Baringo

This happened on the second day after President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga led the launch of the exercise in different counties, citing that it would help in managing the data of all kenyans.

Other areas whose NIIMS failed to work include Mlango Moja, Iloti, Seguton, Torongo, Khaoya and Poror.

Makutano Assistant Chief Officers Peter Kimani, Elijah Mungai and Milka Wangare said they would have to wait until the machines were fixed.

β€œAt Iloti and Timboroa only 54 people had been registered by 12.30pm as several others in Mlango Moja were forced to go back home following failure of the biometric network,” they said.

Meanwhile, the Huduma Namba registration exercise in Kisumu has been suspended.

Registration officials failed to show up at the designated stations on Wednesday.

According to the Kisumu County Commissioner Pauline Dola, crucial documents needed to facilitate the 45-day exercise were missing forcing them to postpone it.

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