5 Pairs Of Shoes That A Real Alpha Man Should Own

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Mwanaume sio effort, Mwanaume ni Kiatu there is no better sight than a confident man with great shoes, that match the occasion and time(of course the outfit must ‘work it out’). Ladies can agree with me, right!

Part of being an alpha man is being able to put your best foot forward in the right way, matching every responsibility given to you. In putting your foot forward, literally, there are 5 pairs of shoes that your wardrobe cannot go without, it is considered a fashion abomination if you do not have them.

This compulsories include;

1.Oxford Or Derby Dress Shoes

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This shoe is perfect for formal occasions. Refer to posh black tie events mentioned above. This shoe is also perfect for weddings, funerals as well as job interviews. Oxfords best compliment business suits and professional attire and therefore it goes without saying that this is not a shoe you wear for casual occasions with jeans or khakis. This shoe requires minimal care. Just wiping with a damp cloth and polishing to ensure that the leather does not become dull.

2.White Sneakers

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This to men is what pumps are to a woman. A wardrobe staple. Every guy should have a pair. It’s not only the most convenient shoe of the bunch but can also be worn with much dressier outfits. The same shoe can be worn with a pair of khakis, chinos, denim pants or even shorts for those laid-back weekends.

3.Athletic/ Running Shoes

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Think Nike and Adidas. Running shoes look pretty simple and sleek and are pretty convenient. Not only can you wear them as your gym shoes, but you can also pair them with your casual outfits, as well for that sophisticated man around town look.

The black, grey, white come highly recommended since these colours will most likely compliment all your outfits. Crazy bright colours only end up drawing attention from your outfit which is not really the end-result you’re looking for, be it at the gym or just walking around in town.

No one likes a filthy shoe, that is a rule set in stone. So clean your running shoes. A quick scrub with a brush and soap every few weeks will go a long way in ensuring you get a long life out of them.

4.Suede Driving Moccasins

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These are the kind of shoes you wear when you want to give your feet a break. Those days when you don’t want to be too dressy. Think day out at the beach or meeting with your boys for a drink. This kind of shoe goes well with denim or linen pants and a loose fitting shirt. This is the ultimate comfort shoe coupled with style.

Cleaning moccasins is pretty easy, just wipe them with a wet cloth and once they are dry just apply a suede cleaner to keep them looking good.

 5. Leather Boots

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These shoes are pretty handy since they can withstand the elements with minimal care and strain to them. They go well with casual outfits such as with dark wash jeans and wool trousers and lumberjack shirts which you should already own by now.  Brown leather boots are also probably the only pair you can get away with not cleaning as often, just a bit of dusting or polishing.

There’s a mighty difference between these boots and dress boots. Under no circumstance should these be worn with a suit.

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