Uproar on social media as the Notorious Kenya Mpya Buses Crash Another Kenyan (Graphic images)

For years, buses operating under Kenya Mpya Limited along Thika Road were the most preferred means of public transport.

Their strategy was simple. Lower fares. While the rest of the mathrees charged over Sh100, they reduced their fares to Sh50 and Sh70.

But that was a very long time ago; this days, using a Kenya Mpya bus is like booking a ticket to hell.

These buses are driven without following any traffic rules; they jump from lane to lane on the highway without respect for other motorists.

On Wednesday, one of the buses, crashed a woman’s leg while trying to evade cops at Kahawa Wendani.

Pictures shared on social media shows the woman in critical condition and might never walk again after the horrific accident. She was rushed to hospital by a Kenyatta University Ambulance.

But Kenyans on social media have now called NTSA to revoke the license of these killer buses which have been operating with impunity.

In 2017, the sacco was suspended after a public outcry, but it was not for long as they were back on the road a few days later. It is believed that they are owned by a powerful politician.

A spot check on the internet shows that the buses have been involved in accidents for years, in fact they have killed Kenyans more than terrorists.

Motorists have also complained of being pushed from the road by the notorious buses.

@ntakenya @DCI_Kenya @NPSOfficial_KE @FredMatiangi @Ma3Route@KenyanTraffic…

For how long will Kenya Mpya continue with this sort of behaviour!? Are they this much untouchable or are they above the law!?

Take a good look at that lady,a very good look!!! pic.twitter.com/71JybkS9ry— I am Wangechi (@wangechi_kago) April 3, 2019


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