‘Thank you for leaving me ex,’ Zari Hassan thanks Diamond as she gets better than what he offered

Self-proclaimed boss-lady Zari Hassan has come out to thank her ex, Tanzanian Bongo star Diamond Platnumz, for cheating on her.

This comes after Zari received a bouquet of roses wrapped in cash money red Ferrari from her new mystery man, who she fondly refers to as King Bae or Papichulo, hence the gratitude heart to Diamond.

“Thank you for playing me ex. Couldn’t have seen better,” Zari wrote on social media after King Bae gifted her with a red Ferrari.

In addition to littering Zari’s compound in South Africa with a collection of high-end vehicles, another of King Bae’s signature romantic gesture has been sending bouquets of flowers to his damsel; one would be forgiven to think the South African man is a horticulturist who grows his own roses as a hobby.

Either way, Zari doesn’t seem to mind as long as she gets to rub it on the faces of naysayers who claimed that she had bought herself flowers on Valentine’s Day.

About a fortnight ago, Zari flaunted another bouquet of roses and wrote; “He said, when he does, he goes big. Didn’t know he meant this big.”

Well, what Zari didn’t know then is that King Bae can go even bigger. He has now sent red roses arranged in a heart-shaped bouquet, with each flower wrapped in a 200-Rand note (KSh1,400).

Even Zari was struggling to understand what she did to deserve all this.

Posting a snap of the monied red roses on her Insta, Zari gushed; “What did I do to deserve all this? My heart is so thankful & full my Love. Love is a precious thing and am blessed to love and have the love from a great man like yourself. I love you Bae”

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