#Tanga tanga: I know cartels are fighting back, Waruguru after her “burial”

Laikipia women rep Cate Waruguru has now called on the religious leaders to organize a cleansing ceremony after matatu operators held a mock burial castigating she is dead.

Locals accused her of prioritizing 2022 politics instead of helping them solve the problem that they are experiencing.

Over the last three month,the women rep had several instances face off of with Laikipia leaders among them deputy governor.

Also last month she confronted county commissioner after she was accused of inciting boda bboda operators to demonstrate.

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On her Facebook page, Waruguru now pleads with bona-fide matatu owners to organize a prayer meeting to pray .

“We call upon the religious community to hold a prayer meeting to cleanse the bus park and Matatus in general,” she states.

Nelson Omollo Kanyunja.

” Laikipia people, we thank you for being calm and peaceful. 
We also noted that there were hired goons from our neighboring county who mean nothing good for our people,” she states.

Locals have vowed to continue with demonstrations until the women rep stop inciting the community against each other.

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