Shame as Girl, 3, dies after cop mum left her in hot car to have sex with boss!

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A cruel police officer faces up to 20 years in jail after she left her three-year-old daughter to boil to death in a patrol car while she had sex with her supervisor at his home.

Cassie Hope Barker last month admitted the manslaughter of Cheyenne Hyer who was left alone and strapped into a car seat for four hours. And on Wednesday, the pregnant woman, 29, was jailed for 20 years.

Barker abandoned her there while she romped with her then-supervisor Clark Ladner at his home in Hancock County, Indiana.

Harrison County Circuit Court heard the youngster was already unresponsive when her monster mum returned to the police car, and her body temperature had topped 37 degrees.

Circuit Judge Larry Bourgeois said: “I don’t know what I could ever do to you that could be worse than what you’ve already experienced.

The court was told Barker and Ladner were sacked and Barker was arrested after the death in September 2016. Barker, from Biloxi, Mississippi, had left her daughter alone in a car on a previous occasion, the judge was told.

A worried passerby found Cheyenne alone and called police when Barker went to a shop some months before the tragedy. Ryan Hyer, Cheyenne’s devastated dad, said: “Every time I close my eyes, I picture her suffering and then I picture her laying in this coffin.

“I still see her smiling and laughing in my head and I would assume that smile and laughter turned to pain and suffering in that instance.”It’s an image I don’t want to have, but it’s one I can’t get rid of.”

Mr. Hyer has filed a lawsuit against the Long Beach Police Department and Mississippi Child Protection Services for the wrongful death of his child.

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