PHOTOS: Prezzo life changing project in Kibera

Pioneer artist Prezzo has taken up a project to upgrade houses in Kibera slums.

The Singer has today given an update saying that he is glad their first project is already done and they are looking forward to find new perimeter & upgrade.

This is a project that the Hip Hop artist is implementing together with his friend.

Prezzo says that most of the houses in Kibera are mud houses and his intention is to make transform them into concrete houses.

He revealed that he has already built 7 cubicles and they are planning to build more and upto 12 houses.

His intention for this project is to create a new Kibera and upgrade the living conditions for the residents.

Prezzo believes that one does not need to be a politician to make a difference and that is a major inspiration behind his initiative.

This is his way of giving back to the society and indeed this project will contribute greatly to ensure that the residents live in a safe and comfortable environment.

Prezzo believes that what people need is not just survival but lasting solutions for the challenges and this project is one that will offer a permanent solution to poor housing and living conditions.

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