Man who was once in a cult says Willy Paul should repent

A man who was once in a cult has called out Willy Paul and asked him to turn back to God.

Nelson says that Willy Paul started out in a good way but at some point he backslide and diverted from what God had assigned him to do.

Speaking during the Chipukeezy show, Nelson says that the current songs that Willy Paul has been singing are not gospel and speaking on his recent one, Hallelujah, he does not understand why he had to contradict himself by portraying the worldly pleasures.

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Nelson who is also a gospel artist says that since he was part of a cult and later got saved, he can tell what is Gospel and what is not.

He also added that God gave Willy Paul the chance to  bring the youth to the knowledge of God but he ended up being compromised by the things of the world.

Nelson says that Willy Paul is very aware that he is not a gospel artist anymore and warned the youth who have been following him as a gospel artist saying that they are being misled.

“If you are a gospel artist is it a must to have ladies in your music who are naked?” Nelson questioned.

He also insists that what Willy Paul should do is to go back to Christ and start allover again.

This is not the first time the Singer has bee criticized over his gospel music. First it started with Ringtone and now another man was so unafraid to address the issue

Nelson says that the problem is that people do not want to tell Willy Paul the truth and those who do are called out and told to stop judging.

Do you think Willy Paul is a gospel artist?

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