Jungle Fever! Nicki Minaj Reveals She Has S3X With Her Boyfriend Four Times A Night!

Nicki Minaj has always been vocal about women’s ability to freely expressing their s3xuality.

Not only does she explicity display her voluptuous figure, but she openly discusses her sexual escapades.

Indeed, by simply having one look at her music videos, you can tell that she’s comfortable about this level of self-expression.

But sometimes, Nicki tends to reveal too much about her s3xual life! Stuff that you never really wanted to know about but you just happened to hear!

As a matter of fact, the goddess of rap went on her Twitter to reveal that she engages in the raunchy raunchy with her boyfriend four times a night….every night!

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Well, looking at songs such as Anaconda, you can tell that Nicki Minaj is a fan favorite of the lungula, especially at night.

And it looks like her boyfriend, Kenneth petty, is really giving her the business because she is regularly seen in public spending most of her time with her boyfriend.

Oh, and did we mention that the guy is a registered s3x offender?

YES, you heard right:

So that’s how he’s making her so happy! In fact, Nicki has even considered becoming his wife!

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Moral of the lesson to all the boychilds out there. You don’t need money to make her go crazy over you.

Just go four rounds or more!

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