‘He has failed men!’ Twitter erupts as Natalie Tewa and Rnaze get back together

Barely a week after airing their dirty linen in public, Natalie Tewa and Rnaze’s reconciliation process kicked on Tuesday night masterminded by Vera Sidika.

Based on how that meeting went, the two will be getting back together and posting some serious PDA videos and photos to reinstate that couple goal is a thing.

A week ago, Rnaze accused Natalie of cheating on him and the twittersphere went wild.

Tokeo la picha la natalie tewa arguing with her boyfrien

Hours later, videos of Natalie being thrown out of their Ngong Road apartment showed her calling Rnaze out for being a freeloader who mooches off her earning. And that he also cheated on her first.

But now, all that drama is behind them.

Last night Vera Sidika hosted them and mediated as they worked out their issues. As always, the Kenyan Twitter scene was quick to share their views on the juicy story…



Are they?


Men’s conference correspondents..

An finally, the most important question of them all…

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