Handshake ya heshima! Kivutha Kibwana proves that he is the perfect gentleman again and again.


Makueni governor, Kivutha Kibwana is undoubtedly one of the most loved politicians Kenya has produced in a while.

This man know when to speak and clearly knows when to work which is exactly why his constituents love and adore him.

kivutha kibwana carrying child on his back(1)

Kibwana is not your typical politician and you will never hear scandals surrounding his county or even hear him bashing fellow politicians. Another thing Kibwana is loved and adored for is his humility. This is seen how he conducts himself even among his peers.

If Kenya has only one gentleman, then it has to be him! No matter who he rubs his shoulder with, Kibwana always greets them with utmost respect.

He does this by holding his arm as a show of respect and this has won so many hearts especially from Kenyans on Twitter.


One Twitter user  Tsharz noted: His handshake ni ile ya heshima.

Miss Mwangi said: Growing up I used to see my dad greet everyone like this.

Solar enthusiast added: Respect is the cornerstone of everything. For God and fellow man.

Check out the photos below.

kibwana 3


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