Greatest secret Pele crossed the Atlantic to tell Mbappe

It was fireworks when football ace Kylian Mbappe and the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) Brazilian sensation Abed Pele met in Paris.

The two great players were seen enjoying a chit-chat where Mbappe introduced Pele to his parents during the invite-only Hublot event.

Pele and MBappe historical encounter (PRNewsfoto/HUBLOT)

Both footballers have made their mark on footballing history. One has finished his career, the other is just beginning his.

What unites them is love, respect for football and a remarkable destiny. Since the World Cup, an affinity has grown between the two men on social media.

Pele and MBappe historical encounter (PRNewsfoto/HUBLOT)

Delighted to have him in

“The generosity of Pelé and Kylian can be seen in their eyes, as can their love of football. This flame, this inextinguishable strength, is what drives these two great champions. They are inspiring new generations of footballers and writing the history of football, so it was perfectly natural to bring them together. Having them in our family is a great source of pride and pleasure, because before being football stars, they are above all great men who command respect.” 
– Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO HUBLOT

What Pelle said about Mbappe

I am honoured to have the opportunity to personally meet Kylian. He embodies the new generation of footballers and espouses the values of a sport that inspires and unites the world. I am happy that he symbolises hope; the hope that anything is possible, for the dreams we must believe in and fight for, regardless of our origins or our social status. For me, the key to success can be captured in two words: humility and perseverance. That is the message that the new generation must convey, and Kylian has perfectly understood this


Mbappe Speaks

I have learned that the biggest stars and the best players are the most humble and respectful, those who are able to keep their feet on the ground. Respect, humility and lucidity are values that my parents passed down to me and they are values that I am proud to now share with my adopted family, Hublot, and King Pelé, who perfectly embodies what my parents have always taught me —to be a great footballer, you must first and foremost be a great man


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