Uhuru’s niece Nana Gecaga finally wears decently to meet MPs after being chased away

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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece and Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) CEO Nana Gecaga is on Tuesday expected to appear before a National Assembly committee on the facility’s management and use of funds a fortnight after she was denied a sitting due to her indecent dressing.

Two weeks ago, the committee was forced to cut shot its tour of the KICC after Ms Gecaga walked into the meeting casually dressed in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans trousers.

The committee reprimanded her and called off the meeting.

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Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna, who was among those who accompanied Mr Munyaka to KICC, said the committee was forced to cancel the inspection after a low key reception by the KICC management.

The committee says its members were forced to cancel the inspection after a low-key reception by the KICC management led by CEO Nana Gecaga.

“Ms Gecaga was ill-prepared for the visit despite having been notified by the Clerk of the National Assembly two weeks prior to the visit,” Mr Nguna said.

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“It seems she does not know how government systems work. She is the wrong person to be entrusted with this major institution.”

“The members struggled to find their way into the building and to the CEO’s boardroom only to find her missing. They waited for about 30 minutes before she surfaced casually dressed in jeans trousers and a T-shirt on a weekday and seemed unbothered by the MPs’ presence.”

Committee chairman Victor Munyaka told Ms Gecaga that the meeting would not proceed since she appeared ill-prepared for it.

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Ms Gecaga is President Kenyatta’s niece.

KICC and Bomas of Kenya are among the few government agencies on which the committee has oversight and allocates funds in the budget.

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Also expected before the Sports, Tourism and Culture Committee, which is chaired by Machakos Town MP Victor Munyaka, is Bomas of Kenya General Manager Quresh Ahmed.

The two parastatals are accountable to the National Treasury, but the committee will be seeking an update on the implementation of government policies in regard to tourism and culture and efforts made to market Kenya as a tourist destination.

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