President Macron Appoints a Senegalese-Born Woman as the new gov’t spokesperson

Emmanuel Macron
French President, Emmanuel Macron

President Emmanuel Macron has appointed a Senegalese-born woman as the new government spokesperson.

Sibeth Ndiaye ,a 39 year old woman has been appointed to the powerful position in the new cabinet changes made by the President.

Sibeth Ndiaye

Ms. Ndiaye was born in Dakar, Senegal and worked as Macron’s media adviser during the presidential campaign.

Dakar ,Senegal

“France has given me a lot. Today, it’s my turn to give something back,” said Ndiaye during a handing over ceremony in Paris on Monday.

She moved to Paris to study and obtained French citizenship three years ago.

French citizenship

Ndiaye, who was a left-wing student activist before joining the Socialist Party in 2002, has thanked her parents and siblings for helping her “break through glass ceilings.”

“Her nomination is a strong endorsement of diversity in a high-profile job, a promotion and a sign of the president’s trust,” Philippe Grangeon, one of Macron’s top advisers

Phillipe Grangeon

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