Nadia Mukami disowns social media boyfriends

Kenyan Singer Nadia Mukami has today disowned social media boyfriends and set the record straight about her love life.

Fans are usually curious to find out who their favorite celebrity is dating and lately there has been rumours of who Nadia Mukami could be dating.

At some point it was rumored that she was hitting it on with Arrow Bwoy. In response Nadia Mukami said that Arrow Bwoy is taken and as for her she remains reluctant in revealing the man warming her bed.

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Earlier today, In a tweet, Nadia said that unless she posts someone and said that he is the one, people should stop spreading rumours.

Nadia also added that some of the men that people claim she is dating do not even match her and people should therefore stop giving her social media boyfriends.

The Singer hinted that at some point she might decide to post her bae but as for now, she insists that people should leave her and stop with the pressure of her making her relationship life private.

The pressure on her end has been so much and fans keep on pressing hard to get hints on who she is dating .

Here are some of the questions they asked her during an interactive session

Who are you dating?

My Bae

Are you married and do you have a child? ?

Nop. Still a virgin

How long are you planning to be a virgin?

Till marriage

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