Kenyans want action, MP Simon Mbugua tells Uhuru

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East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) Member of Parliament Simon Mbugua now wants President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve his cabinet and form a fresh lot.

While taking to his Facebook he urged the President to dissolve his cabinet to reveal his true word of fighting corruption.

In addition he wrote, “Urgently you need to do this because, almost all the minister’s and ministry have been directly or indirectly mentioned in corruption.

Kenyans are a confident lot. They don’t give up ! 
We still have hope. Though it’s a mirage, considering how issues relating to graft are being handled.

The big four agenda is limping as a result the volatile political temperatures that keep rising.

We need leadership and guidance Mr president.

Thurakus and jeshi are have become more desperate and disillusioned. People are dying of hunger !

No jobs, no Capital and no support from the government that they supported to their last drop of sweat.

Shread that monotonous speech. Rise like a colossus. Tell Kenyans that you have chased the corrupt government officials until their innocence is proven !

The MP ‘s remarks came a time when President Kenyatta’s cabinet has been linked to the ongoing dam scandal where DCI summoned three Cabinet secretaries including Henry Rotich, Eugene Wamalwa and Mwangi Kiunjuri .

The scandal has seen several other parastatal heads linked to the loss of Ksh 21 billion

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