Insecurity! “…husband snatcher”! Offensive Text Lands A Woman In Court

‘Why are you begging to sleep with my husband?’ Offensive SMS lands woman in court

A middle-aged woman from Maralal in Samburu County has pleaded guilty to sending an offensive message to another woman she suspected was eyeing her husband.

Elizabeth Lolmodooni told Maralal Law Court on Monday, April 1 that she regretted insulting Silvana Leitore.

The court heard that the suspect sent the complainant a text message containing lewd sentiments on March 28, 2019.

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“[Ni] nani unabembelezanga akuje mshiriki naye ngono? Keep off, you prostitute, before I strip you naked. Unaskia, husband snatcher? Uliacha bwana yako juu ya umalaya sasa unatembea na bwana za watu. Ngoja nikupate, stupid [Who are you begging to sleep with you? Keep off, you prostitute, before I strip you naked. Can you hear me, husband snatcher? You left your husband because of your prostituting tendencies, and now you are going out with other people’s husbands. You won’t like it the day I’ll get hold of you, stupid!’” read Ms Lolmodooni’s text to Ms Leitore.

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The court further heard that the suspect threatened to smear pepper on the complainant’s private parts should she meet her.

Ms Lolmodooni pleaded guilty to the offense, and said she had sought forgiveness from Ms Leitore, who agreed to bury the hatchet.

The suspect, however, told the court that she suspected the phone number registered under the complainant belonged to another woman who has a sexual relationship with her husband.

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Maralal Principal Magistrate Richard Koech asked the officer investigating the case to ask the complainant whether the matter can be resolved out of court.

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