How to read someone’s mind

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Do you ever get frustrated and wish you could read people’s mind so you could understand them better,or serve more efficiently business-wise?

To break communication barrier by reading people’s mind and enhance your decisions,the following tips will really come in handy for you.

1.start with generational differences.

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Understanding someone’s generation can give insight into how he or she thinks. It’s a lens through which they view life.

“Generational differences are fascinating,” Loren Miner, COO of the recruitment firm says. “Millennials often hide behind computers and speak their mind through Twitter and blogs. They don’t place value in face-to-face communication. Boomers, on the other hand, like to talk to someone in person.”

2.Recognize hot buttons.

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Another way to tell what someone is thinking is to look for their pain points, which involves asking the right questions

Miner suggests skipping pre-canned conversations and entering the relationship as a discussion. “Ask open-ended questions that allow the person to share their strengths and challenges,” says Miner. “Or share stories about what you’ve done for others. Nine times out of 10, people will agree that they have the same issue, which helps you better understand what they need.”

3.Consider personalities.

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Look for clues into someone’s personality by paying attention to characteristics and verbiage. Someone who prefers to be dominant, for example, might have an overly firm handshake, says Miner. People who welcome humor will often insert sarcasm into a conversation. Use these clues to determine their values and approach.

4.Look for non-verbal communication.

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Nonverbal behavior is also important, and Miner suggests watching for body language clues. If someone leans in, they’re engaged. If they back up, look down, or turn away, they aren’t relating to what you’re saying.

Tone of voice can also provide clues. For example, if someone is answering you in monotone, they’re most likely unattached to your concept and not interested. If they look at you when you speak and move closer, they’re finding value in what you’re saying.

5.Be a good listener.

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Finally, listen to what someone is saying as well as what they’re not saying. While this is harder when the conversation is done over the phone, Miner says an engaged or passionate voice is obvious. It’s also apparent when someone is frustrated.

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