How silly fits of anger made state lose case against Wanjigi

Fits of anger and less-thought-out moves led to the throwing out of a case against billionaire businessman Jimmy Wanjigi, a court observed.

After being given a clean bill of ‘freedom’, James Bond is now a free man, in what appears to be a spillover of the 2018, March 9 Handshake between political nemesis Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

Police had, in October 2017, recovered seven fire arms in his house in Muthaiga and pressed eleven charges against the businessman.

Sinister Motive

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In her ruling, Justice Pauline Nyamweya revealed that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Inspector General (IG) of Police pressed charges against him out of sinister motives.

According to a local daily, the Judge further faulted the two offices for preferring charges in Nyeri, which was away from where the crime was reportedly committed.

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“By charging the applicant in Nyeri Chief Magistrate’s Court, they violated the applicant’s legitimate expectation that the respondents would follow the correct legal process as set by the law,” ruled Nyamweya.

In their defense, the DPP and IG told the court that they had moved the court to Nyeri since it was his rural home.

While disputing the decision, the judge observed that the two offices had been unfair to Wanjigi since it inconvenienced him and had additional expenses.

Wanjigi revealed that he had not been to his rural home for more than a year when they police raided his house.

The businessman was on in March 2018 charged with offence of being in possession of prohibited firearms. 

Shortly after, drama unfolded in Nairobi when several police officers showed up to arrest him but he escaped after he locked himself in his bullet proof car.

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The judge further faulted the means through which the IG employed while serving the businessman with summon terming them as unwarranted and using excessive force.

“The procedure, therefore, employed by the first respondent (IG) to serve the applicant with the said summons was not only unwarranted, and the use of excessive force during the process as also in abuse of the due process and of their powers,” stated Nyamweya.

How to win against the state. Easy, right?

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