How Conmen Will Milk Your M-PESA Dry

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Kenya has is one of the countries with the highest unemployment rate. In the 90’s, Kenya’s unemployment rate was 8.2%, in early 2000’s it was 12.2% and in December 2017 it was 11%.

How Conmen Will Milk Your M-PESA Dry If You Are Not Careful

According to econometric trends, Kenya is likely to experience unemployment rate of up to 24% by 2020. That’s so high considering the fact that countries such as Germany, Norway, and United States have less than 5% unemployment rates.

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The lack of source of income has led to increased crime rates, including conmen who are getting smarter each day in their quest to milk innocent and unsuspecting Kenyans of their hard-earned money.

How Conmen Will Milk Your M-PESA Dry If You Are Not Careful

After we highlighted The ATM Tricks Robbers Use To Steal From Kenyans, other conmen are pretend to be Safaricom customer care agents. They call Safaricom subscribers informing them that their ID has been used to register more than one number.

They inform you to choose which two numbers you want to retain, and they will go ahead to de-register the other numbers. Unsuspectingly, you choose two numbers you personally registered with your ID.

They then ask you for your ID card number and M-Pesa balance “for verification purposes”. Once they get the information, they call Safaricom Customer Care and lie that they have misplaced their line (which happens to be yours) and asks to have it blocked from service as they attempt to replace it.

They then move on to replace your sim-card with new ones and transfer your M-Pesa funds to new accounts.

This happened to one concerned Kenyan who chose to share the details to help other Kenyans who might not be aware of such tricks.

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