Funny edition 1: How it should have ended – If Uhuru asked Teacher Tabichi (KES 100Million winner) for a loan!

I know you all love Uhuru- Ruto Memes. That is why I created a long funny post with ‘memes only!’
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It is not too late to send my congratulations to one Mr. Peter Tabichi the only teacher in the world to win the Global Teacher prize award and taking home $1million, which translates to Sh100 million.

Many Kenyans are excited to see you back home and want to celebrate with you, but we know there are those who are more excited than others….and will go to any lengths to get your attention……

But as soon as you land in the airport there are those who will pretend to be more happier than others and its because they have a sinister motive, and we know who they are….

Now that you have the country’s attention, many bodaboda riders and busy bodies want the sole right of clearing the path for you………….

There area also those who do not intend good for you and are there scheming for your prize money, be very wary of them….

and they are consulting widely on how they will fleece you off your hard earned money……..

so they will welcome you with all the praise that they can master

and they will let the whole village know that they carried you in their car all the way from the airport

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and after that your next stop will be in their home, as they pretend that all they are interested in, is safe journey back home……..

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and after all is said and done, you feel overwhelmed and you decide to sign that cheque, cutting them some of your money as a loan to them

and immediately you do that, you become less of a concern, so they get down to business and they start calling their friends…..

and when the squad finally meets, he cracks a joke about how you were so easy to fleece!

and it is with your money that they will throw a party for themselves in your absentia…….

na hapo ndio squad itaanza kutoa ma idea za mizinga kali -kali, zile hata hawajawahi kunywa!

so the drinking begins and the squad starts getting high on your supply, the money that worked so hard to get…….

and some of them will be waiting in line to get shots and shots of the expensive booze that your money bought

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and pray to God that they choke on it for they are are full of treachery…..

so that even the greedy ones will have a second thought of indulging and imbibing……

but of course it it did not happen this way and I am so dissapointed; and because I am that guy‘,- this is how I imagined the whole story unfolding. Do not also forget I have weird thoughts running randomly in my head, so for the sake of it- I will throw this meme in here because I can, and also because I have failed to get a proper ending to my story……

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